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The Major Technologies and the Features of Bar Type Displays

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It must have come to your notice that digital display have gained widespread usage amongst various industries and fields such as healthcare, military, business and commercials, sports and education.

With such a wide range of applications, Bar Type Displays have become a popular type of display.

They possess many features that will provide you with an effective way of displaying your content that will boost its attractiveness and clarity.

So whenever you decide to get a Bar Type Display, buy from an accountable and reliable Bar Type Display supplier.

This article discusses the technologies and features of Bar Type Display.

Display Technologies used in Bar Type Display

· Liquid Crystal Display (LCD)

This technology makes use of a substance known as liquid crystal to produce high-definition image. Liquid crystals are materials that exist in a state between liquid and solid. They possess properties of both liquids and solids.

Technologies like Cathode Ray Tube (CRT), Disc display,Gas display and Light-Emitting Diode have been substituted for Liquid Crystal Display.

They consume little power and can produce bright graphics. They are commonly used in laptops, smartphones, cameras and other display devices.


· Thin-Film Transistor Display

This is a type of modified Liquid Crystal Display that uses transistors to boost image quality and resolution.

Although it provides a 180°view angle and has lesser response time when compared to Liquid Crystal Display, it is costly and  power consuming.

Bar Type Thin-Film Transistor panels are used indoors or outdoors and its visuals are not disturbed by sunlight.

  Bar Type Displays

General Features of Bar Type Displays

· Resolution

The resolution refers to the total number of pixel contained in a display screen. It can also be represented by the pixel density. A high resolution improves the quality of the image.

It also determines how well you can zoom into an image.

The resolution the Bar Type Displays offers depends on its size and the technology used. For example , the 8.8 inch display offers 1280(RGB) × 320 dots which is compatible for both LCD and TFT Displays.


·      Viewing angle

This is the angle in which a display  can be clearly viewed.

Depending on its resolution and size, the Bar Type Displays offer variety of viewing angle such as in-plane switching (IPS), 6 O'clock, and 12 O'clock viewing angle.


· Brightness

Bar Type Displays offer luminance from 300 nits to 1000 nits. A luminance of about 600 nits can produce a clear image even in bright daylight.


·     Interface

The interface, being the intermediate between machines and humans, helps to promote easy interaction between humans and machines.  

The Bar Type Displays offer various interface like MIPI, LVDS, RGB-24 bit and RGB- 18 bit.


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