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The Types of LCD Display Technologies to Consider when Designing a Customized LCD Display.

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Are you wondering how to take your project to the next level? A custom LCD display might be your magic ward.

Whatever the requirements your design may be, our team of experienced electrical, mechanical and software engineer will provide the assistance you need in designing your Custom LCD Display.

All you need to do is to supply us with the requirements for your design and Cdtech team will guide you on most effective and applicable type of design that will match your requirements.

In this article, we will walk you through the various kinds of display technologies you might want to consider when designing your customized LCD Display.


Thin-film transistor Liquid crystal display (TFT LCD)

This is a relatively new technology that is commonly used in drone controls, smartphones, laptops and various kinds of display devices.

It has thousands of colours and large pixel count which makes its visual clarity very high. TFT LCD delivers a more sharp and clear image when compared to LCD and also has lesser response time.

This display technology has many applications and will put you ahead of the competition by displaying your product with a professional visual presentation.


Characteristics of TFT LCD

· They have multiple interfaces.

· They are readable under sunlight.

· They make use of LED backlights.

· They have capacitive and resistive display panels.

· They deliver high image quality, contrast and brightness.

 custom LED display

Graphic Liquid Crystal Display

Being able to display completely modifiable images, the technology is commonly used for applications that are used to display many kinds of fonts and font sizes.


 Characteristics of Graphics LCD

· They offer sunlight readability.

· They can display completely modifiable images.

· They consume little amount of power.

· They are fully customizable.

· They display both text and image.

· Their operation is more complex when compared to Character LCD.


Character Liquid Crystal Display

This technology is relatively old, yet it is presently still in use. Character LCDs have few hundreds of character with a fair amount of font tables that can show a good number of language.


Characteristics of Character LCD

· They have many colours and sizes.

· They simple and swift to program.

· They are customizable.

· They consume little amount of power.

· They display text only.


Segment Liquid Crystal Display

This technology is one of the premier types of LCDs to have been made and are still commonly used at the moment.

They are easily distinguished from other LCD technologies due to their static graphics that resembles a calculator's digit.


Characteristics of Segment LCD

· They are inexpensive.

· They are readable under sunlight.

· Their tooling price is relatively low

· They have a very wide temperature range.

· They consume very little power.

· They display numerals, upper and lower case letters.


Partner with us for a custom LCD display

With decades of developing and providing Custom LCD display with different interface, backlight structure, luminance, full viewing angle and high resolution, our customized products are trouble-free and guaranteed.

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