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Industrial Displays Versus Consumer Displays: What’s The Difference?

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The display screen can be classified into two groups based on the industry: industrial display and consumer display.

Industrial displays are a very important device for marketing in any given environment. Its quality and durability are hinged on the design employed.

Despite the fact that both are used for display, the criteria for industrial displays are higher than those for consumer displays.

So, it is important to partner with a high-tech industrial display solution expert who will supply you with the product that suits your needs.

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Differences Between Consumer and Industrial Display

The following points demonstrate the differences:


§ Sunlight readability

The visibility of industrial panels is a key aspect. The majority of screens used in industry are surrounded by bright light, such as bright sunshine on a sunny day.

Outdoor displays must work for long periods of time in direct sunshine, which necessitates that the displays are readable in bright light.


§ Stability

Industrial displays are far worse than the use environment of consumer display panels like our TV sets, phones, PCs, etc.

It’s an exaggeration to say that an industrial display is like desert grass, whereas a consumer display is like a flower that blooms in fertile soil with plenty of rain and sunshine.

To begin with, industrial displays are turned on practically every day of the year.

Second, industrial display must have diverse properties depending on their purposes and surroundings.

Temperature changes, vibration, anti-interference, higher stability, shock, and so on are just a few examples.

It is used in the display of the 5G base station computer room to monitor the system’s operation 24 hours a day.

The operation of the overall network system will be harmed if the panel used is unreliable and cannot function normally in tough settings. As a result, consumer displays fall short.


§ Materials are chosen with care (high-quality raw materials)

Another benefit of industrial displays is that it employs high-quality industrial-grade raw materials throughout the product.

This is because only display products designed and manufactured with high-quality components can pass various stringent standards.

Aging tests, high and low temperature tests, anti-static and electromagnetic interference tests, and other tests are performed to ensure that the entire machine is resistant to high and low temperatures, anti-interference, and can survive extreme impacts.

The raw materials utilized in consumer display goods are usually of a mid-range quality.


§ Price

Price is something that everyone is concerned about. It is clear from the foregoing that the cost of industrial displays is higher than that of consumer displays.

Industrial screens not only have superior configuration, but also offer good after-sales service and are cost effective.


§ Cycle of delivery

The lead times for industrial displays and consumer screens are also highly diverse.

The supply chain for industrial displays is relatively long, whereas, consumer displays, such as mobile phones, are constantly changing.

For example, you’ve just upgraded to the latest mobile phone from a particular brand, but it hasn’t been half a year, and the frantic new product launch conference has begun again.

It is possible that the model you’re using will be discontinued in the next two or three years.

As a result, consumer displays have a substantially shorter life cycle than industrial displays.

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