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Analysis Of The Advantages And Disadvantages Of TFT-LCD Display Screen

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Everyone is familiar with the TFT-LCD display screen. It is currently the most popular display product in the display industry. Its high reliability and good display effect are sure to have a wave of loyal fans. Then do you know the advantages and disadvantages of TFT-LCD display screen?


Advantages of TFT-LCD display screen

1. The TFT-LCD display screen display effect is good

The hourly effect of the TFT-LCD display screen is very lifelike, and the color reproduction is far superior to other types of display screens. The picture presented to the user is bright in color, high in saturation, and the pure white and pure black pictures are very pure. It is very pure for professionals, one of the approved display screens.

2.TFT-LCD displays the full range of viewing angles of the screen

The IPS series of the TFT-LCD display screen can reach a full viewing angle of 178 degrees, which means that no matter which angle the user views the TFT-LCD display screen from, the effect is very good.

3. TFT-LCD display screen is widely used

The application of TFT-LCD display screen is very wide, used in industry, transportation, medical treatment, smart home, electric power, aviation and other fields. There must be a reason behind the widespread use. The size is complete, the interface types are many, and the development is simple. This is an important reason why the terminal chooses the TFT-LCD display screen.



Disadvantages of TFT-LCD display screen

Any product that is good will also have its bad aspects, and the shortcomings of the TFT-LCD display screen are reflected in the limitation of brightness. Due to its ultra-thin shape, it cannot meet the needs of ultra-high brightness. There are certain restrictions.

The display technology of TFT-LCD display screens has become mature, and the yield and production capacity of products are getting higher and higher, and the price of TFT-LCD display screens is becoming more and more affordable. These are all the reasons behind for the popularity of TFT-LCD display screens.


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