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Things You Must Know About Bar Type Display

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Bar type displays are a popular type of digital displays. One can see them at various locations like retail stores, metro stations, art museums, etc. They are often used for either information display or ad display purposes. These are stretched type of displays, rectangular screens, which are often hung at several locations. Although these are a famous type of digital displays, it is important to know several factors about them before purchasing the suitable ones. They come in various sizes, display modules, resolutions, and many other specifications. This post discusses these LCD bar displays in detail.


Applications of Bar Type Displays

The following are the two main applications of bar type displays:

Bar Type LCD Displays: One of the common technologies in bar style displays is LCD. These LCD bar displays are flat screens that feature liquid behind the display screen. This technology is commonly used for front view panels. Commonly, instruction panels are bar style LCDs. Stretched bar LCD display panels consume limited electricity and offer a bright video display.

Bar Type TFT Displays: Thin-film transistor (TFT) is a technology that consists of a thin screen made of transistors. Therefore, it becomes an active matrix in which each transistor covers a pixel. This is an advanced type of technology. It is known for its quick response and offers a 180° view angle. These bar type TFT panels can be hungover or can be set at a particular angle. The location of the bar type TFT panel does not impact the viewer’s experience.

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Factors to Consider when Selecting a TFT Display

The type of TFT LCD monitor or industrial display you choose to purchase will depend on the specifications of your application or project. Here are a few important factors to consider when selecting an appropriate TFT LCD display technology:

ü Life expectancy/battery life.Depending on the length of ongoing use and the duration of your project, you’re going to want to choose a device that can last a long time while maintaining quality usage.

ü Touch type and accuracy.What type of activities are you planning on using your device for? If it’s for extended outdoor use, then you should go with projected capacitive touch as this is more precise and accurate. Touch accuracy is important for industrial and commercial applications.

ü Response times.TFT displays typically have faster and more accurate touch response times and performance.

ü Image clarity.Some TFT displays feature infrared touchscreens, while others are layered. The former is preferable, especially in poor lighting conditions or for outdoor and industrial applications, because there’s no overlay and therefore no obstructions to light emittance.

ü The environmental conditions make a difference in operation and image clarity. When choosing a TFT for outdoor or industrial applications, be sure to choose one that can withstand various environmental elements like dust, wind, moisture, dirt, and even sunlight.

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In need of bar type TFT display

The mainstream aspect ratio of the TFT LCD panel is 4:3 or 16:9. But for some applications, bar type shape of the display panel would be much better than the current mainstream 4:3 or 16:9 to display the required information. It is especially suitable for server system, audio system and advertising display, security equipment, Industrial equipment, medical equipment, drone controls.

Full-color TFT wide-screen displays (Bar Type TFT) is widely used on the supermarket. CD-tech currently introduces a variety of Bar-Type TFT LCD display modules. 2.9-inch and 12.3-inch TFT modules are currently available, as well as options with control panel. Besides, if you’re looking for stretched bar LCD display with high brightness or high temperature ranges, we have some available standard products that can meet your need.


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