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Advantages And Disadvantages For Various Car Display

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As the trend of automobile intelligence becomes more and more intense, consumers' expectations for automobiles have become more and more diversified. As the main human-computer interaction window, on-board display screens are also given more functional requirements. While pursuing functional satisfaction , Consumers are increasingly calling for personalized customization of on-board display screens, and major car companies and related manufacturers have also brought a variety of different innovations and technology applications.


Rotating screen

When many consumers are discussing whether the car display screen is good for horizontal or vertical screen, manufacturers have produced rotatable car screens. Whether it is vertical or horizontal, it will automatically adapt to the HMI to achieve the perfect integration of the horizontal and vertical screens.

 vehicle display

Advantages and disadvantages for rotating screen :

The most intuitive feeling of the rotating screen is to satisfy people's pursuit of differences in horizontal and vertical screens

·At the level of automobile intelligence, it is a very good element for vehicle promotion

·Pre-judgment according to the application scenarios and interaction methods of the software, intelligent and automatic rotation

·Since the screen is getting bigger and bigger now, the display space will also be satisfied. Rotation is not just needed. In the long run, the rotating screen will not become the mainstream.


Curved screen

The curved multi-shape display screen has been adopted by many manufacturers because it can be better integrated into the interior. The GAC New Energy Aion LX central control large screen adopts the structure of the curved screen. The folding range reaches an "astounding" 168 degrees. Its design is biased towards the main driving, which is convenient for the driver to read and control on-screen information. The large horizontally curved touch screen with a sense of science and technology brings an immersive visual feeling.


Advantages and disadvantages for curved screens:

·It can be better adapted to the interior to make a personalized screen

·Focus on the driver’s sight, bringing an immersive experience

·Because the driver’s line of sight is mainly biased, the co-pilot looks uncomfortable, and it does not match the general direction of automatic driving. Compared with the flat screen, the cost is several times higher.


Floating screen

From the very beginning, Mercedes-Benz adopted a suspended central control screen design on many of its models, followed by BMW and Audi. Compared with embedded horizontal screens, floating horizontal screens have been used more and more in luxury cars in recent years. The large floating central control screen design takes into account the sense of beauty and technology, and incorporates emotional design inspiration into the interactive framework and visual shaping.

vehicle display

Advantages and disadvantages for floating screen:

·Strong three-dimensional feeling, smooth touch, precise positioning

· Highlight a strong sense of science and technology

·Specific shapes can be made according to user needs

·The biggest shortcoming is that the integration with aesthetics and ergonomics has not achieved a proper design. Many floating screens give people the feeling that the overall abrupt and uncoordinated


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