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7 Best Types Of Display Screens Technology

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The display screen is applied in every aspect of our lives, our daily use of mobile phones, the family TV sets, vehicle displays, calculators, computers, etc., commercial use vending machine, coffee machine display screen, ATM, arcade games, etc., hospitals and beauty institutions with the various needs of medical cosmetology instrument human-computer interaction, HMI in the field of all kinds of industrial big machines, etc.

There are many types of display screens, and there are many kinds of optical LCD display screens. In addition, the newly released OLED flexible display screen, mini LED display screen, micro-LED display screen, and so on. So what are the types of display screens? How are they defined?

vehicle displays

1. Segment Code Type of LCD Display Screen

Segment code LCD screen was developed in Japan in the early stage and introduced into China in the 1980s. It is mainly used to replace LED digital tubes (composed of 7 pen segments, used to display Numbers 0-9), such as calculators and clocks. The display contents are all Numbers and relatively simple.

There are a lot of ways to call it, such as pen segment LCD, small size LCD, 8-character screen, pattern LCD, and so on.


2. Type of Dot Matrix Display Screen

The Dot-matrix screen can be divided into an LCD dot matrix and an LED dot matrix screen. In simple terms, there are many dots in a range and they are called pixels. For example, 12864 is made up of 128X horizontal and 64 vertical points.


3. Type of TFT Color Display Screen

TFT, a classification of LCD, is the prototype of all the current LCD screen improvements. Like the screen used in old mobile phones in the past, TFT is also a lattice type, which pays attention to pixels, and the color is the concept of color levels. The level is the index standard that expresses liquid crystal display screen brightness intensity, namely the color index that says commonly. Now the market generally sees three-color quality: 256 colors, 4096 colors, and 64K(namely 65536) color and even higher 260,000 colors.

TFT displays

4. Type of LED Display Screen

The LED screen is simple, are a lot of LED lights composed of a screen, the street signs are small harbor.


5. Type of OLED Display Screen

OLED screens display images by emitting light from pixels. In this respect, OLED screens are more technologically advanced than LCD screens. In addition, the thickness of the OLED screen can be made thinner, which is conducive to the thickness control of the whole machine.


6. Type of Mini LED Display Screen Panel

Mini LEDs, also known as "sub-millimeter light-emitting diodes", are first proposed by wafer optoelectronics for a size of about 100 microns. Mini LED is the transition of technology between traditional LED and miniature LED, which is an improved version of a traditional LED backlight.


7. Type of Micro LED Display Screen Panel

Micro LED screen is a new generation of display technology, with a matrix of miniaturized LED. In short, LED backlighting is thinner and smaller, and LED units are less than 100 microns. Like OLED, each pixel is individually addressed and driven to emit light (self-illumination).


For the above 7 best types of display screens technology, you should choose the type of LCD display screen suitable for their project according to their actual application scenarios. If you have any questions about the LCD display screen, please contact us at any time!


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