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What Type of Bar Code on a Display Case

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Different kinds of barcode type displays exist and they bring special and amazing opportunities as well as some limitations in reading them off. This has series of options for you to select from and this makes it a difficult task to select the barcode that will work well for your product audit or delivery.


At other times it may be the decision to invest in either 1D or 2D barcode, selection of barcode type that will be efficient for a particular industry or will enhance your business worth.


However, to fully harness any given barcode display, it is important that one partner with a reliable and trusted bar type display manufacturer.

 bar type display

The following are the various barcode types, their features, and their relevance to a specific industry.

1. One-Dimensional (1D) Barcode Types

1D barcodes are systems put in place to stand for data by changing the thickness and the spacing of paralleling.


This one-dimensional barcode type has some of the most conventional and well-structured barcodes. Examples are UPN and EAN codes. These barcodes are also called linear barcodes.


The amount of information found in this type of barcodes determines their length i.e. they are directly proportional.


The implication is that the number for each character shouldn't exceed 15. When functioning, it helps to minimize time and improve the product inventory.


UPC barcodes are used to scan through consumer products and tag them at the point of sales around the globe especially in the US, UK, and some other countries of the world.


There are two forms of the Universal Product Code; these are the UPC-E which encodes only 6 digits, and UPC-A which is more because it encodes twelve numeral digits.  They are used in the retailing industry.


EAN barcode is an example of a 1D barcode type that can be used for labeling goods at any point of sales around the world, especially in Europe.


Apart from the differences in location when it is compared with UPC, they encode for 13 digits (EAN-13) or eight digits (EAN 8). ENC-13 is very flexible and encode for huge data in a limited space. However, EAN-8 is used for scanning goods with little or no space.


They are equally used in the retail industry.


QR codes are very important in the retail and advertising industry where they are deployed in tracking and advertising.


Like ENC, they are highly flexible with high tolerance to faults and their quick readability is a plus. However, the readings cannot be done by a laser scanner.


With QR codes, four levels of data types are supported. These are Kanji, alphanumeric, numeric, and binary.

2 Two-Dimensional (2D) Barcode Types

Two-dimensional (or 2D) barcodes exhibits data denoted with two-dimensional shapes and symbols. They have some resemblance with a 1d linear barcode but can take more data per space. These bar type display include recent barcode types such as QR Code and PDF417


One benefit of using these barcodes is that it is not error-prone because of the protection formulas, they have codes that are built to preserve the data and make them scan-able even when any of the data is damaged. Some of these bar-type display of 2-dimensional origin is given as follows:


Similar to the 1- dimensional QR codes, Datamatrix code is used to stamp small products and documents. Their miniature imprints make them perfect for small goods in planning and operations.


This imprint is an idea such that the U.S. Electronic Industries Alliance (EIA) recommends it to be employed as a stamp for minute electronic parts.


A Datamatrix code is highly readable and tolerates high faults. They offer a large data density, which implies that they take up small space on the device.


They are relevant in retail industries, electronic industries, and governments’ platforms.

II. PDF417

PDF417 codes are 2- 2-dimensional barcode types used when storage of a large amount of data is required. Such cases are signatures, photographs, and fingerprints.


They have the capacity of more than 1.1 kilobytes of machine-readable data, thus making them highly preferred than other 2D barcodes. They are suitable for use in the management of inventory and transport.

bar type display


These barcodes are employed in the transportation sector especially in ticket sales and airline boarding tickets.


In case of poor resolution or dented ticket, the barcodes can be retrieved easily. They are highly efficient in terms of space and have a large data capacity. They have an extraordinary error-check probe to prevent any error during scanning.


In need of a high-quality data type display?

The uses of barcodes are so significant that they are practically employed in all areas starting from the retail industry to healthcare and the government and marketing.


However, for effectiveness in their application, there is a need to partner with reliable and trusted data type display manufacturers for high-quality and top-notch products.


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