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Whenever you want to choose the best Thin-film-translator LCD module for your applications, their things you should put into consideration.


These factors worth considering are very essential and they range from the brightness and size of the device to the working environment, and the programming conditions.


In any case, another thing of much greater concern is the quality and durability of the custom LCD display. Hence there is a need to partner with a reliable and trustworthy custom LCD display manufacture for the best products.


The following are some of the factors to consider:

1. Size 

The size is the first to consider for most of the design or applications to be used. Two choices of size are looked into which are the outline dimension and the active area.


The least space occupied by the LCD module is regarded as the outline dimension while the active area is the part revealed on the completed product.

  custom LCD display

2. Brightness

The brightness of the custom LCD module is an important factor that needs to be critically looked into for the choice of application and working environment to adopt. In this, we have the displaying angle and the contrasting properties which are influenced by the environment where it is located and also the mode of its use.


Different technology is explored with optical improvements such as a polarizer, anti-reflective covering, and others playing a vital role.


The brightness of the device is connected with its size. There are functions made available to provide means of elongating the life span of the product as well as its power consumption level.


3. Viewing Angle

The custom LCD controls the viewing angle but this always comes with options to switch. For example, a contrast improvement technique with IPS technology offers a 180-degree viewing space.


4. Contrast Ratio 

This is a factor that counts and determines the optical output of the device. Most of the custom LCD failure is exposed in high ambient light conditions.


This parameter can be controlled using several mechanisms from the internally controlled timer to the surface covering like the anti-reflection device.


More than three features are closely linked and different improvements designs are put in place to serve different conditions or environments.


5. Interface 

TFT LCD modules come in different forms with different interfaces such as LVDS, RS232, HDMI, etc. The choice of the one to be used depends on the resources you installed on your devices as they have different systems and time requirements.


6. Temperature 

There is a bit of science in the explanations of the temperature range to guarantee a long period of service and performance.  There are several mechanisms put in place to improve the performance of the custom LCD.

 custom LCD display

7. Surface Coating, Touch Screen, Cover Len, and Optical Bonding

In the market of today, a lot of products are being pumped out daily and the majority of these products are utilized outdoors. Hence, displaced improvement has become a vital factor. Now that we have tablets and smartphones, there is a compulsory requirement for touch properties and an intelligent friendly user interface.


In Need of a high-quality Custom LCD Screen

Custom LCD is a device that is in high demand and of great use in recent times. However, to source for a high-quality grade, there is a need to partner with a reliable and trusted custom LCD display manufacturer with experience.

Shenzhen CDTech Electronics Ltd is a manufacturer of first-class,  quality grade custom LCD display products. We have a very skillful staff best at what they do and also quality materials to manufacture those products. Kindly click to see our various products.



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