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We Participated In The 2019 Display Week Exhibition

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The SID Display week which is in its 56th year is the biggest exhibition for companies in the display industry. Usually present at the exhibition are technologists, Research and development team, end users, consumers and tech enthusiasts.


As a leading custom LCD display manufacturer with a variety of products, an exhibition like the SID Display week is a great opportunity to showcase our wares. LCDs are not a new thing. They are widely used in appliances such as signage, televisions, calculators and surprisingly even mobile phones.

 The 2019 Display Week Exhibition

They are also used in the production of consumer electronic appliances such as digital clocks, cameras and even mobile phones. So we used this opportunity to showcase our variety of LCD displays and our new star product.


It is a time to look forward to as different companies come to the exhibition with the hopes of making new contact, making sales and interacting with end users.


The 56th SID Display took place at the San Jose Mcenery Convention Center in San Jose CA on the 14th of May 2019. It was a two day event lasting till the 16th of May. We had a good spot for our stand as it was easily accessible  for enthusiasts and clients to reach us.


Our exhibition booth was located at CDTech booth: 320. While we showcased a variety of our display products, such as our different types of custom LCD displays, our star of the day was our 12.3inch Vehicle Display. It quickly drew the attention of people due to its unique specifications. It’s part Number: S123AWU01ES with 12.3inches and a Resolution of 1920x720.

 The 2019 Display Week Exhibition

It had a Viewing Direction of IPS. It also has a Wide temp with a readable Support Sunglass. It also had a Touch panel available with High Brightness.


The 12.3inch Vehicle Display was out for a test run with our Research and development team on standby to answer questions about the product. We were really excited to be participating in the exhibition as we not only had time to interact with our prospective and already existing clients, we also got immediate feedback which is also an essential part of Growth.


We were also able to network with fellow colleagues in the industry, exchange ideas and rub minds with other colleagues. We were grateful for the opportunity SiD Display week gave us and are always looking forward to  their exhibition. The 2019 exhibition was a successful one and we hope for many more to come in the subsequent years.


Participants at the exhibition usually come back testifying about how successful and eventful partaking in the exhibition was. At The end of the of the two day exhibition, we were fully satisfied with the results which we attained.


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