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Types of Custom LCD Display

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LCDs are not a new thing. They are widely used in appliances  such as signage, televisions, calculators and surprisingly even mobile phones.


They are also used in the production of consumer electronic appliances such as digital clocks, cameras and even mobile phones.


The idea of customizing your LCD display is an exciting and overwhelming one aa you might get confused along the line. Custom LCD display manufacturers give you the option of having your display tailored to your taste.


Knowing about your types Of LCD display would come in handy while making your order and decision.


Types of Custom lcd display

● Alphanumeric custom lcd display overview

It is also known as a character modules custom lcd display overview. It is used in applications such as pool filters, credit card readers, pool filters and a host of others.

 Custom LCD display

A downside to this type of display is that it does not offer a wide range of colours. It also cannot display graphics. Nevertheless, it is still able to display all the English alphabets,numbers and punctuations. The customization options available for this type of display includes:


1. Backlight

Light emitting diodes (LED) are the most popular type of backlight. They come in a variety of colours with low-green,blue and white being the most common.


Other available colours include amber, pure green, red, pure yellow. You should note that blue and white backlights cost more than the other colours, with white emitting the most heat.


Another type of back light used in this kind of display is the Electro-luminescent (EL). The advantage of using this type of backlight is that it allows for the display to be thinner and it has an even lighting.


The disadvantage on the other hand is that it requires an inverter for converting the DC to AC and there is a chance of interference with other circuits due to the noise it emits.


2. Bezel height

For a typical LED backlight, bezels are usually 10mm to 15mm thick and for side lit LED backlight, no backlight or  EL backlight it is usually 8mm to 10mm.


A bezel is a metal frame for holding the glass to the printed circuit board. Although there is a standard  specification, Bezel can be customized to suit owners preferences.


● Dot matrix modules LCD display

This is also known as monochrome graphics custom LCD display overview.


The major advantage this type of display has over others such as the character display is the graphic generating ability with the aid of a software.


Although it doesn’t have a variety of colours and isn’t able to change its colour, it is still widely used in a range of applications. It is mostly used in diagnostic equipment, Atm cards and even in older mobile phones.

 Custom LCD display manufacturers

● Segment custom LCD display

It is also known as static LD display. They have been around for a long time. They are commonly used in applications such as clocks and thermometers. Due to their monochromatic nature, they have just a common colour scheme like yellow-green or gray. For applications that require data display with no need of bright colours, then this is what you would be needing.


● Ultra-High contrast EBT custom LCD display

The word EBT means excellent black technology. This name is as a result of the contrast of the colour of the segments and characters against the sharpness of the black background.


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