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The automotive industry is undergoing rapid-fire innovations, and an expert LCD module manufacturer will be a valuable asset to any industry player. With vehicles going for a huge digital push in the coming years, it's worth the time to look at some of the automotive displays trends driving the industry today.

Greater Vehicle Safety

Vehicle manufacturers are looking for new ways to use LCD vehicle displays and other technologies to make vehicles, drivers, and roads safer around the world.

Some examples of this are conformed displays that show road hazard information from the source of the hazard so drivers can react more intuitively. LCD module manufacturers can also build displays that naturally follow curved vehicle surfaces beyond the center console and instrument panel. Industry experts are also looking at camera-display combinations to replace door mirrors to allow for more visibility and driver information.


User Inclination for Touch Displays

Market research revealed that physical buttons have fallen out of favor among drivers. As a result, many car manufacturers are replacing physical buttons with LCD touchscreen displays to control input.

Experts also foresee car interiors where all physical buttons everywhere are replaced with LCD touchscreen displays. This is set to make the driving experience highly customizable, reconfigurable, and upgradable. Users can use apps to control everything from interior ambiance to driving preferences. To make this possible, touch-sensitive displays from an LCD module manufacturer will help make this design vision into reality.

Shift to Larger and More Displays

Numbers point to 25% annual growth for display area per vehicle. Market forecasts have observed an increasing trend for 7″ to 8″ displays in the instrument cluster and center stack. Automotive displays now also include head-liner displays, A-pillar displays, steering displays and numerous other display applications.


Aside from these, there's also a growing demand for even better infotainment displays. A touch-screen display from an LCD manufacturer can be personalized based on compatible apps, with crystal-clear resolutions and color.

Self-Driving Cars

Inventor Elon Musk has predicted that autonomous or self-driving cars will be the new normal in the near future. These self-driving cars are believed to decrease road hazards by minimizing human error.

Evidence points to self-driving cars as simply a matter of time, making it one of the most important predictions for the automotive industry. Before it happens, however, partially self-driving cars will preclude autonomous vehicles. LCD touchscreen displays will play a significant role in this development. It will have to address information, entertainment, and communication needs of both drivers and passengers.


Clearly, LCD displays are part and parcel of many automotive innovations. If you're looking for an LCD module manufacturer with significant experience in automotive applications, call us at CDTECH  today. We customize solutions to fit your project!


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