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How To Fix Common LCD Display Problems

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Sometimes there could be instances where your TV displaying nothing even though you can hear the audio working. Regrettably, this is quite common with middle or low end LCD display nowadays.

This whole issue is caused by a very tiny and relatively less expensive component that could easily be replaced. With LCD display, the most prevalent issues are:

1. Damaged capacitor on the power supply board

2. Damaged LED in the backlight system


Quality LCD display can be a solution to some of these issues and that is why it is imperative to partner with a reliable and trusted LCD display manufacturer.

Let us consider the defective LED in the backlight system. There are some steps to take in order to fix it.



This is the very first thing to do whenever there is a backlight issue to identify the origin of the problem. The simplest way to carry this out is to turn the screen on, and with the help of a flashlight try to view the image.


A dark image should be seen with a resemblance to the image formed when the illumination of the LCD display is tuned to the minimum level. Once this is ascertain to be fine, it implies that the board is functioning well and the only to do now is to test the backlight system


Knowing fully well that the image is perfect, this implies that the mother board is good, so the next line of action is to examine the backlight device.


This can only be achieved by disassembling the LCD display to gain entry into the backlight device.



What need to be done is first is to carefully open the back cover to expose the board and disengage the panel of the LCD from the main board.

After removing the front casing, the LCD panel being fragile should be removed carefully. If the backlight is an LED made, then it very easy to replace provided the fault is from there.


An LED backlight is made up of 5 strips and if any fails then the entire system fails.



With the aid of the instrument called multimeter, validation of the strip can be done to know if  the strips are actually arranged in series. Then we can now examine each strip to know which is faulty. There is a connection set in place to examine the strips to see if they work perfectly. For those that did not light up, it means that they are defective and they are referred to as burnt.



After the identification of the problem, the next thing to do is either replace the complete strip with a good one or replace the LED with a good one. At other times, it is possible to overlook the LED and remains confident that it will normalize but this is not good as the LCD can completely go dark.


In Need of a high-quality LCD display screen

True there are sometimes problems arising from the use of an LCD display but with the right quality of product, it is certain that it will last for a very long time. Therefore partnering with a reliable and trustworthy LCD display manufacturer for a quality and durable.


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