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Why do industrial products prefer TFT LCD over AMOLED

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The reasons why industrial products often choose TFT LCD instead of AMOLED can be summarized from the following aspects:

  1. Stability and durability: TFT LCD has been proven to be reliable and long-lasting under various environmental conditions through years of technological development and improvement. Industrial products often need to operate in harsh working environments such as high and low temperatures, humidity changes, and vibrations, and TFT LCDs can maintain stable performance under these conditions.
  2. Customization and flexibility: TFT LCD provides a high degree of customization and flexibility, which can be customized according to specific application requirements, whether it is size, resolution, or interface type, to better adapt to complex and changing industrial environments. Although AMOLED also has some flexibility, its maturity and versatility in customization and meeting specific industrial needs may not be as good as TFT LCD.
  3. Display effect and power consumption: In terms of display effect, although AMOLED has advantages in color and contrast, TFT LCD can also provide high-resolution and clear images, which is sufficient to meet the needs of most industrial applications. In addition, TFT LCD is usually more energy-efficient than AMOLED, which helps to reduce the operating costs of industrial products.
  4. Long term supply capability: In addition to the above factors, TFT LCD also has significant advantages in long-term supply capability. Compared to AMOLED, TFT LCD has a longer supply cycle, typically reaching 5-8 years or even longer, which is crucial for industrial products that require long-term stable supply. Meanwhile, the widespread application and maturity of TFT LCD technology make its supply chain more stable and reliable.
  5. It is worth mentioning that Shenzhen CDTech Electronics Ltd. has become the preferred supplier for many industrial product manufacturers in this field with its advantages in independent research and development capabilities, product quality and reliability, customized services, and long-term supply guarantee. They not only focus on product innovation and quality, but also strive to provide customers with personalized solutions to meet various complex and ever-changing application needs.
  6. In summary, the decision to choose TFT LCD over AMOLED for industrial products is based on comprehensive considerations from multiple aspects, including cost, stability, durability, customization, display performance and energy consumption, as well as long-term supply capacity. Shenzhen CDTech Electronics Ltd. stands out in this field with its outstanding advantages and has become a leader in the industry.


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