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What Is The Difference Between An Industrial LCD Monitor And A Commercial Or Home LCD Screen?

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What is an industrial LCD display?

Industrial displays are displays used in industrial control processes or equipment. The main difference between it and civilian or commercial monitors is that the shell design generally adopts an all-steel design, and the panel is divided into different materials such as ordinary iron plate, stainless iron, stainless steel, aluminum panel, etc. Liquid crystal display, in the case of high environmental requirements, consider using a wide temperature (-40 to 85 degrees) liquid crystal display, currently only a few large foreign manufacturers produce this type of display, the price is more expensive. The protection level of the industrial display is represented by IP**, the former is the dustproof level, and the latter is the waterproof level. Dustproof up to 6 and waterproof up to 8.

Touch interface systems capable of providing haptics rely on actuators to generate haptic sensations. Advances in actuator and control technology have enabled today's actuators to support touch feedback on a variety of touch panels and touchscreens ranging from small to very large, ranging from cell phones to widescreen touch monitors. In addition, the processor load required to support a haptic system is fairly small, touch input technology is virtually universal, and electromechanical solutions are readily available. This is the industrial LCD touch display.

 industrial LCD display

The requirements for industrial field use are:

  • Support harsh working environment on site such as: IP54 protection

  • Turn on at any time and run 7*24 hours continuously

  • Support industrial bus and industrial network, such as: PROFIBUS, PROFINET, DEVICENET, ENTHERNET IP, serial port and USB interface, support VGA and AV signal input

  • A variety of installation methods: embedded, shelf, card, VESA

The difference with ordinary LCD screen

Industrial LCDs are mostly used in harsh environments, where it is difficult for ordinary commercial LCDs to work properly. The main differences between the two are:

  • In the temperature range, the general use temperature for civil use is -20~+70 degrees, and the storage temperature is -30~80 degrees. The use temperature of industrial grade is -30~80 degrees, and the storage temperature is -40~85 degrees.

  • The industrial LCD screen supports 24 hours of continuous operation, while the ordinary LCD is not designed to run for more than 24 hours. Sometimes it can be used but the manufacturer does not guarantee it.

  • The aging test of the industrial LCD display is different when it leaves the factory, and the selection of components is also different. The cooling system is different.

  • Because of industrial demand, industrial LCD panels have better shock resistance and can be used for a long time without any failure.

  • Because the price of this kind of LCD screen is very expensive, it is only used in a relatively strict environment. Families generally do not use it. The home display screen is for ordinary use and cannot withstand large vibrations. Basically, it will shatter with a punch. Industrial grade generally requires high reliability, such as waterproof, dustproof, anti-drop and anti-vibration.


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