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The Latest Trends in Vehicle Displays You Need To Know

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Perhaps you're a big fan of entertainment and you also don't want to miss the latest news, but you are too busy to sit down for hours staring at the TV. Luckily, you can install vehicle displays in your automobiles.

The question is, what type of vehicle display will perfectly suit your car, especially if you're driving the latest one?. Well, reading this article will be your best bet of the day.

Because of how quickly new technologies like autonomous driving, augmented reality, and vehicle displays are improving, the global automotive industry is about to go through a huge change in how cars are made, sold, and run as a business. So, what are the latest trends in vehicle displays you need to know? Let's find out.

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Top 4 Latest Trends in Vehicle Displays, 2023

If you want to know whether fixing vehicle displays in your automobiles will be a hit or a miss, then you should get familiar with these latest trends in vehicle displays.

1. A head-up display, an electronic mirror, and other similar technologies

Electromechanical switches and controls are being phased out in favor of electronic controls like touchscreen displays. Even the smallest details, like the temperature, the placement of the side mirrors, and the operation of the car's multi-button steering wheel, are taken into account.

Rear-view and external mirrors are increasingly being replaced by cameras and display systems rather than the traditional electronic mirror. This improves vehicle safety by allowing drivers to more easily monitor conditions behind the vehicle. In addition to reducing drag, removing the side mirrors can help save gas money. Yet, the savings for larger vehicles, such as trucks and buses, might be substantial.

2. OLED technology is becoming increasingly popular

These days' cars are all about navigation and networking, with most of the decision-making for in-car interactions being made by visualization technology. Hence, many major automakers have adopted the usage of "interactive displays" that are sensitive to both visual and tactile inputs.

Automotive giants like GM, Audi, Toyota, VW, and Mercedes-Benz are increasingly adopting OLED displays since they are the most advanced and best in their fields. Improved picture clarity, sharpness, and visibility are some of the features that set OLED screens apart. Displays for automobiles continue to see increased demand as the global auto sector remains fiercely competitive.

3. Modern chip designs for the future 

In addition to a variety of cutting-edge semiconductor options for handling the video stream and powering the display panels, you may also receive precise solutions for backlighting. You may rest assured that all applications have access to robust resources and fast networks. This is crucial for automotive applications, which must conform to ever-stricter safety regulations.

The correct system designers and software suite can simplify the process of programming and configuring a display. In the case of safety regulations, this is of paramount importance. Other resources include extensive documentation, design examples in the form of application notes, and mandatory safety guides.

4. Alterations in architectural fashion

In the past, graphics processing units (GPUs) were typically integrated into the SoC used for the display system. Factors such as who was in charge of the project and system, whether or not it was technically feasible, how safe it would be, and how much it would cost all factored into the final choice.

So-called "distributed architecture" is undergoing radical upheaval. The shift toward individual screens aid the development of the new domain architecture. Currently, a computer located deep within the vehicle, typically under the rear seat, generates graphics and video streams for LCDs rather than a SoC or GPU in the display system.

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