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The Future Trend Of Automobile Display

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The size of automotive displays has increased over the past few years, as has the number of displays in the vehicle. The rapid growth in display-based instrument clusters; heat, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC) control displays; digital display mirrors (both rear and side view); passenger displays; and displays covering virtually every surface has turned the in-cabin user experience into an immersive digital experience with a focus on delivering meaningful information to the driver and entertainment content to the passenger(s).


Looking only at current production vehicles, and not counting rear seat technologies, the Porsche Taycan currently leads the market for cumulative diagonal measured display real estate with a total of 47 inches, which includes a massive 16.8" curved digital instrument cluster, dual 10.9" center stack and passenger displays, and an 8.4" touch panel HVAC display. While Porsche has taken the approach to create a display-heavy experience through the deployment of multiple displays, there are several emerging trends currently evolving in the automotive landscape.


Modernizing the instrument cluster

One of the most common applications of in-cabin displays is the evolution of the more "traditional" configuration of the cockpit, represented by a digital instrument cluster and a dedicated center stack display. For an automotive manufacturer, this strategy is a cost-efficient way to give the customer a more digital experience while maintaining a more traditional, and arguably less distracting, distribution of information for the driver. This solution is also one that is generally easier to execute as automakers can replace traditional analog gauge clusters with digital displays across trim levels of the same model.

 Vehicle Displays

Display immersion

Finally, the role of the battery electric vehicle has often been at the forefront of the digital transformation in the automotive cabin. The Porsche Taycan with four displays, the Byton M-Byte with five displays, and the Audi e-tron with five displays have set the stage to define what an information-immersive experience will look like in an era where technology is becoming an ever-present aspect of all facets of life. From the A-pillar side-view display mirrors to the emergence of the dedicated passenger display, these vehicles are used to showcase the pinnacle of what displays are capable of in the vehicle, especially when cost is less of a factor.


The increased production of displays for all industries is quickly improving the accessibility for such technologies in more affordable automotive applications as well. In 2019, Honda announced the budget-minded, urban mobility-focused Honda. With five displays tethered across the dashboard and a digital rearview mirror, this vehicle serves as a prime example of display applications trending throughout a model lineup. As new or refreshed vehicles are introduced over the coming years, this increase of in-vehicle display count is expected to follow suit, often starting with dedicated HVAC displays and digital rearview mirrors.


Larger display, higher resolution​​​​​​​

Mobile devices have influenced the demands on displays in all areas of life and significantly increased consumer expectations, also in cars. Technological innovations from the consumer market are being adopted in cars more and more.


Especially in medium and high price segments, significantly more displays are used in today´s car models. The trend is moving towards larger displays with higher resolution. Above this, we see a development towards merging several displays into one for a uniform and elegant overall impression. One popular scenario for this is the combination of the instrument cluster and the central display (CID): The driver sits in front of an integrated display landscape that starts behind the steering wheel and extends to the center console of the dash board.


The display–central component for future user interface concepts

As the functions and possibilities in the car become more and more extensive, new impulses for user interfaces are needed. This leads to many innovations in the area of touch and gesture control that only make sense with the appropriate display technology: The display is the central component for future user interface concepts.


So far, the focus of all the mentioned display trends is on the needs of the driver. But there is also a growing market targeting displays designed for the passengers. For example, CDTech experiences a strong demand for exclusive and technically sophisticated display solutions, mostly for entertainment applications enabling new business models for the car makers based on content delivery.


Vehicle Displays

Innovative chip solutions​​​​​​​

Wherever the display is installed, CDTech offers a wide range of innovative chip solutions for processing the video stream and driving the display panels as well as for their backlighting. At the same time, CDTech ensures each application’s connection to high-speed networks while suppling them with the appropriate power, especially with regards to their control functions under the very high and constantly expanding safety standards in the automotive sector.


Leading vehicle LCD display manufacturer for you

Vehicle-mounted display devices are usually LCD screens, with external sound, readable SD card, USB and Bluetooth and other functions. The car navigator’s monitor has an incoming call voice reporting function. As the LCD screen is relatively small and easy to install. The vehicle Lcd display can be installed near the dashboard, on the roof, behind the seat back, or even on the sun visor, which is convenient for viewing. In addition, vehicle-mounted display devices often integrate other functions, such as simple power amplifiers, TV receiving functions, audio output, etc., with more types and functions than TVs or computer monitors.

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