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The Functional Characteristics of Bar-Type LCD

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Do you know that a standard digital display with an appealing appearance is a bar-type LCD?

They can be found in offices, metro stations, retail businesses, art museums, etc. It is usually used for displaying advertisements or information.

Meanwhile, obtaining a high-quality bar-type display from a dependable and trusted BAR Type display manufacturer is highly recommended.

You can be sure to acquire a long-lasting and low-cost LCD from them.

Continue reading to learn everything about their functional characteristics.

BAR Type display

1. High reliability and good stability

The strip LCD's high-brightness LCD substrate is processed using proprietary technology.

The features of an ordinary TV screen are those of an industrial LCD panel: high reliability, good stability, and suitability for functioning in hard environments.

2. Bar-type display has high efficiency, energy saving, and long service life 

The imported aluminum substrate used in the bar-type LCD absorbs and radiates heat effectively, reducing the light degradation of the LED bulb.

Backlight heat does not affect the LCD substrate, resulting in energy savings, long life, effective energy savings, and lighter and thinner product volume.

3. The display effect is adjusted intelligently

The strip LCD has a high-brightness light sense, and an automated controller. The screen brightness is done automatically to match the surrounding environment, ensuring that the screen image has a nice visual effect.

At the same time, the goal of energy savings is met, and the aging rate of product components is slowed.

4. The bar-type display has an ultra-high dynamic contrast

The dynamic contrast of the strip LCD is perfect. The colors are more vibrant and beautiful, and the visual impact is more three-dimensional and lifelike.

It has a super rapid response time, a unique black field insertion technology, and backlight scanning technology to boost the image quality of dynamic images.

5. The bar-type display has excellent wide-temperature working characteristics

In a low-temperature environment, the bar-type display can match the criteria of quick start and excellent picture display.

At natural ambient temperature, it can run the whole day. It is ideal for use as an outdoor display.

In Need of a high-quality BAR Type Display

The BAR Type display is a remarkable and distinctive tool with an ultra-wide display mechanism.

Because of its diverse size, clear display, and extensive functionality, it is utilized in retail, transportation, finance, enterprise, and other areas, and its scope of application is constantly expanding.

However, it is crucial to work with a trusted, reputable and experienced BAR Type display manufacturer to get one that is high quality and durable.

Shenzhen CDTech Electronics LTD ensures that you will acquire your preferred quality BAR Type of display and will do everything possible to provide the best because of our cutting-edge facilities and crew of high-tech professionals.

Our delivery is top-notch and second to none anywhere across the world. In addition to this, our service is first-rate and always on schedule.

Please contact us immediately to learn more about our numerous products. You'll be pleased you did.  


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