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Our Bar Type Display At Embedded World 2020 In Germany

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Every year, the international embedded community gather to exchange ideas and exhibit products among the community. The platform creates an avenue for different companies to exhibit their products and share ideas with others.


In 2020, the embedded community gathered in Nuremberg, Germany from 25 – 27 February, 2020. As a key player in the industry, we were part and parcel of the conference.

 Our Bar Type Display At Embedded World 2020 In Germany

In fact, our CDTech booth, hall C6.237 showed the latest bar type display, LCD display, touch panel, and personalized solutions for medical devices, alarm system, automobile applications, industrial equipment, and others. Being part of this conference is one of the activities we do as a reliable and reputable company in the industry. Moreover, the conference enable us to experience the world of embedded system in a different dimension.


The embedded world trade fair creates a platform for different fields ranging from energy efficiency, the Internet of Things, distributed intelligence, e-mobility, to security for electronic systems.


Our Product At The 2020 World Embedded Conference

One of bar type display products that you cannot ignore at the conference is 8.8 inches Bar Type TFT LCD Display. The product part number is S088GWX08NB. The size is 8.8 inches.


The resolution of 8.8 inches Bar Type TFT LCD Display is 1280 x 320 with active area of 216.96*54.24 and outline dimension of 229.66*67.50*3.50mm. The viewing direction is 6 O’clock and the interface is LVDs.


Our 8.8 inches Bar Type TFT LCD Display has a LED life of 50,000 hours. This is fantastic for everyone. You are sure to benefit from the product due to the conference.


To experience the effectiveness of bar type display, purchase this product. It is one of the most reliable products you are sure to benefit from.

 Our Bar Type Display At Embedded World 2020 In Germany

As an expert in the system, we produce the best quality that meets global standard. Besides, embedded conference is a standard conference that you can meet experts like us in the embedded community. As a customer that we cherish, we recommend this product to you.


There are different special features that make this bar type display unique for everyone. Getting it for use give you the needed satisfaction you have ever had from display. As a renowned company, products from us are reliable, dependable, and highly affordable.  


Purchase Quality Bar Type Displays From Us

This is an opportunity to purchase quality product at a discount from us. The conference afford you the platform to buy different products at an affordable price.


Investing in quality products serve you more. There are quality products you can purchase based on your needs and budget. You shouldn’t miss this opportunity for anything. Kindly contact us for your quality bar type display. The satisfaction you will derive from this product will attest to its quality. As a reputable and experienced manufacturer, we produce the best quality products.


Our team of experts work selflessly to research, design, and manufacturer products that meet the needs of the society. As an active member of the embedded community, we know the trend and what is suitable for today. Try us now!


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