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Components Of Industrial LCD Screens

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Industrial LCD screens have become a significant element of our technology in this generation, despite the fact that they are not readily apparent to the common person.

It's likely that you've seen it used in a couple of fields and industries. In fact, industrial LCD screens are used in a variety of industries, including commercial, medical, entertainment, and many more.

Are you looking for a way to display advertisements for your company on a screen that can be installed outdoors or inside? You'll require industrial LCD screens.

The major components of an industrial LCD panel will be briefly discussed in this article.

Liquid crystal display technology is now used in many industrial screens. Because of the several advantages it provides, it has been able to replace the cathode ray tube (CRT).

It uses less energy than a CRT, weighs less, takes up less room, and is more inexpensive.

Here are important parts that make up an industrial LCD screen.

 industrial LCD screens

1. Light emitting diodes (LED)

LCD screens employ LEDs as their light source because they are unable to emit light on their own. To generate the image we see, the light produced flows across a variety of liquid crystals.

The usage of a separate LED light source helps to prevent heat build - up and improves the image's brilliance, contrast, and color.

2. Liquid crystal

These molecules can manipulate the light that passes through them when they are electrically charged because they have both solid and liquid properties.

When electrically charged or stimulated, they form various patterns, which produce images.

3. Electrically conductive screen layer

The pixels are charged by passing electric current across this screen. The images are displayed properly and clearly once the pixels have been charged.

4. Reflector sheet

The reflector sheet is a material that reflects the light emitted by the LED, increasing the LCD screen's luminosity. The reflector sheet has the ability to boost the brightness of an LCD panel by up to 50%.

A dual reflector sheet is used for industrial LCD screens that demand a lot of brightness.

5.  Light guide panels

This is a panel with a structural design that causes light to flow in different angles and orientations as it passes through it. This is required in order for light to fall on every pixel on the screen, generating a picture.

The light guide panel's back has a flat surface, while the front contains several little protruding lines and strips that guide light in various directions and angles.

6. Diffuser sheet

This is a film that ensures that light landing on the screen is evenly spread and diffused. When light converges on one portion of the screen, it heats up quickly, potentially causing eye strain.

When the light that falls on the screen is uniformly scattered, the images produced on the screen are better and clearer.

7. Prism sheet

The prism sheet refines and improves the brilliance of the lights after they have been scattered uniformly. It is angled in such a way that the light can be seen correctly.

8. Filter glass sheet

This is made up of two layers of glass that work together to polarize light traveling through them. Glass layers cover both sides of the liquid crystal.

After the direction and angle of the light traveling through the liquid crystal have been altered, the filter sheet prevents horizontal light from affecting picture development.

9. Power source

The electrical current and voltage that charge the liquid crystals and pixels are generated by the power supply. It's also where the light-emitting diodes get their power.

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