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As the market size of more than 10 trillion US dollars of Internet of Things era, the new touch screen as a core component, is ushering to the next development of the golden age.
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      As the market size of more than 10 trillion US dollars of Internet of Things era, the new touch screen as a core component, is ushering to the next development of the golden age.

       Once upon a time, in the functional machine era, the physical button to decide everything, and if you want to explore in what sense Steve Jobs changed the world, in fact, iPhone is not the product itself, the touch can be said that Steve Jobs led a smart phone era basic characteristic. But with the slowdown in the growth rate of the smart phone market, mobile phone touch screen competition continues to intensify, open up a new touch display market has become a touch display business and related materials business focus.

      "Touch screen applications are very broad, the most common mobile phones, computers, etc. The mobile phone industry's product replacement is very fast, most of the time, 30 mobile phone can be released within a day.With a package of smart watches, to the display can Curled smart phones, tablets and PCs, more is the concept, the production will take some time. "Now the display business more attention to the touch screen in the public domain applications, such as information inquiries, business inquiries; city street information Query, office, industrial control, finishing a la carte, multimedia teaching, real estate, such as pre - sale.

      With the flexible electronics industry into the industrialization, a new round of touch technology competition is intensified. In the rapid development of touch technology environment, large-screen touch one machine came into being, clear picture quality, simple operation, large-screen touch one machine is education, industrial control, office and other fields widely used. "We have reached a partnership with Skyworth, TCL, Changhong, Konka and many other well-known companies." The industry said that large-size touch display is ushering to accelerate the development of the new blue sea, the two years is an outbreak period, the entire terminal market will Reaching 100 billion scale. There are indications that the touch display industry is accelerating into many emerging areas.

      Traditional consumer electronics products are gradually replaced by the concept of new products, industrial structure changes significantly, smart phones, tablet PCs, touch pen and other consumer electronics products demand continues to weaken. With the development of various man-machine interface and intelligent products, in the industrial control, smart home, photoelectric display, medical field appears more new electronic manufacturing program, coupled with the future popularity of smart cars, automotive electronics has gradually become a driver An important area for the development of the electronics industry.

      Touch new material to accelerate flexible display

      Mobile smart terminal market demand, coupled with the screen size is becoming larger, thin, flexible has become a trend, has become an international giants and domestic enterprises under the competition of the market outlet. Flexible display has become the focus of competition. "Flexibility is the future trend of development we should all agree, because the flexibility may bring no way to imagine a space." Professionals believe that, AMOLED is the key to achieving flexibility. The HIS report also noted that global shipments of flexible screens are expected to increase to 792 million by 2020 and operating income to $ 41.3 billion. Group intelligence consulting data show that 2016 flexible AMOLED in the overall AMOLED production capacity accounted for 14%, Samsung in 2016 more than 50 million pieces of flexible OLED panel shipments. To 2017 Apple mobile phone will join the AMOLED camp, Samsung has more flexibility in the flexible AMOLED, 2017 flexible AMOLED mobile phone panel capacity penetration rate of up to 30%.

      Large size touch screen and flexible screen market space is huge, but their touch material must have low resistance and flexibility, the traditional ITO (indium tin oxide) material, as the touch product conductive layer of the main choice has been 30 years of history. However, ITO indium metal is the nature of the lowest reserves of rare metals, there is a high cost and difficult to recover waste and other issues, while its material properties of high resistance, and easy to break. Which also prompted the touch screen material manufacturers to develop new technical materials to speed up the pace of alternative traditional ITO.

      "ITO alternative materials technology routes include metal mesh, nano-silver, carbon nanotubes and graphene." Compared to metal mesh technology, nano-silver line technology is used to shape the nano-silver ink ink, the cost of raw materials High, but the production process is simple, the use of printing process to quickly produce large area of the touch panel, the overall cost is not high, with large-scale production, the cost will be further reduced. "Nano-silver line because of nano-scale effect, antibacterial, conductive performance is superior, the scope of application is extremely wide, the current application is more with a surface display equipment, such as smart watches, bracelets, etc., more advantages.

      Touch competing to become a trend

      In recent years, with the smart phone and tablet PCs in the global hot and product features of the structural innovation and upgrading, consumer electronics industry, the explosive growth of the industry. The popularity of smart phones, tablet PCs and the rapid development of the super, for the touch display industry to open a huge room for growth. At present, the mobile phone and its parts industry is still in the industry up, and the mainstream manufacturers in the brand, technology, supply chain and other aspects of the advantages will continue to strengthen, the market share will continue to focus on the mainstream brands, showing strong trend of strong.

      According to the information displayed by the parties, at present, the upstream raw materials such as glass substrate, ITO conductive film and optical glue needed for the production of touch screen are mainly distributed in the United States, Japan and other countries. The middle reaches of the touch screen manufacturers are mainly concentrated in China Taiwan and mainland China. But with more and more production and processing links to the Chinese mainland transfer, touch screen products and materials in the domestic production showed a rapid increase in the trend.

      "At present, China's touch display industry is in a critical stage from catching up to challenge, mature technology has the ability to challenge the dominance of foreign competitors, but the emerging technology is still catching up.However, the new technology we started earlier , Catch the gap is relatively small, there is the opportunity to overturn the corner. "China Optical Optoelectronics Industry Association LCD Branch Secretary-General Liang Xinqing in the previous 2017 Shanghai show on the show. M & A and collaboration have become one of the ways to show companies to catch up with advanced technology. "Future market differentiation will become increasingly serious, this situation for leading enterprises can also control, and small and medium enterprises are facing severe challenges."
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